Gregor Mendal

The founder of Genetics

Early Years

Mendel earned good grades in Math and Science. He was accepted to the University of Olomouc. Some struggles that Mendel had were he spoke a different language at home than at school. Also he failed his teaching test many times.,w_320/A-Alamy-DG0PF5_icon_cokvmy.jpg

Experimental Design

Mendel tested his theory on pea plants. He grew the plants and investigated different generations. He figured out that the new 'species' can appear in the form of hybrids. Also whatever the mechanism of heredity, it involved both the male and the female.


  1. The green pea is more dominant(428) than the yellow(152)

  2. The round peas are more dominant (5,474) than the angular (1,850)

  3. The long stem is more dominant (787) than the short stem (277) This data shows that different traits are more dominant than other traits. Also that some traits are more common to show than others.


Scientists didn’t react to him very much at all while he was still alive everyone pretty much ignored his ideas until 35 years after he died. Than his ideas and studies became very commonly used.


Mendal had the main idea of genetics and other scientist used his ideas to back up and compare their data.



Definition: Gene that will overpower another gene.

Example: If you have a green and a yellow trait for peas then they will be yellow because it’s more dominant.


Definition: Gene that gets covered-up by a dominant gene.

Example: The green pea is recessive to the yellow and unless there is 2 greens then the pea will always be yellow


Definition: Gene that is nether.

Example: If you have a gene that is co-dominant then if you might end up with a mix of the two. Like if both green and yellow pea plants were co-dominant than you might get some green and some yellow plants.