Goals Using- S.M.A.R.T

By; Heather Jean Whatley

Short-term goal

  • My goal is to have at least all 80's or above by the next six weeks.
  • On my grades I want to get at least a 80 or above but I want to do it in the next six weeks, because my mom does not accept any lower than an 80 ,but I have been having trouble in my classes.
  • S.M.A.R.T-
S- All 80's or above in each class.

M- By six months or less.

A- It can be done if I work at it.

R- All 80's or above by six months or less is realistic.

T Check grades once a week until I get all B's, and remember to write the data somewhere in my binder.

Long-term goals by one year

  • My goal is to go to 9th grade
  • I want to go to 9th grade next year and not fail 8th grade. I want this because if not my mom will be disappointed in me and I don't like it when she is.
  • S.M.A.R.T-
  • S- I want pass to 9th grade.

    M- I want to pass by next year.

    A- Passing 8th grade is possible.

    R- Passing to the 9th grade is realistic.

    T- I will do all i can to pass, and that includes studying, doing my work, and turning my work in on time.

Long-Term goals by 2020

  • my goal is to get a car and pass the driving test
  • i want to complete this goal because i wont have to ride the bus anymore and can go where i want it would also help going back and forth to a future job.
  • S.M.A.R.T-
  • S- get a car and pass the test

    M-get my license and a car

    A-passing my test is possible so is getting a car people have done it

    R- if it is possible it is realistic

    T- i will study and practice to pass, and get a job to pay for half the price of a car which was the deal i mad my mom i pay for half i get any car i want

time line

the time-line is the picture
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