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November 18, 2021

Important Dates

Important Dates:

  • November 19 Colonial Days - 5th Grade
  • November 22-26 NO School
  • November 25 Thanksgiving
  • December 3-10 Book Fair Week
  • December 9 Book Fair Night open to 7:30 pm
  • December 17 - Early Release 12:00 pm Dismissal

Dear Hugshton Families,

It is hard to believe that we are now in the month of November and Fall break is right around the corner. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect back on all the things we are thankful for. I am thankful for the giving hearts of everyone at this school.

I am thankful for each and every staff member and student as well as the amazing families that support the work that we do.

Hughston is a wonderful school for so many reasons and I am blessed to be a part of the work that happens here each day.

We have one more day of learning before the students will be off for a week. Mrs. Helms and I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Gratefully Yours,

Carrie D'Argo

Elena Helms

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Family Questions - NEW!

1. What is something that you are thankful for?

2. What is an invention that if we didn't have would change our lives? Why?

3. What is your favorite tradition during the Fall?

Square One Art Fundraiser

Hughston Elementary has teamed up with Square 1 Art to create keepsakes with our student’s own art. More information, along with your child’s personal catalog will be coming home soon. Can't wait!!
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Tickets are on sale NOW for the 2021-2022 Y2K Auction Event! The Auction Committee is excited to reveal our theme for this year's auction event is Y2K/The Year 2000!

Click on the link for more information and to purchase your tickets!


Our science lab is home to Hughston’s Pet Patrol. 5th graders applied and were accepted into the program to come on their assigned weeks to help take care of the animals. Currently, the animals we have are Boxey the land turtle, Roger the rabbit, Warby Parker the hedgehog, Gary the leopard gecko, Rosie the hedgehog, King the guinea pig, Fang the ball python, Daisy the bearded dragon, Stormy the axolotl, Mac the Morraccon toad, 3 fire-bellied toads 2 musk water turtles, a hermit crab, land snails, a tarantula, a beta fish, and two goldfish. Younger students can use the stickers they earn to buy a pass for two mornings in the science lab helping a fifth grader. Teachers are also able to take their classes back to the science lab to see firsthand animal features and habitats. It is a great learning experience for all Hughston kids!

Here are some ways to help our animals:

Kroger Gift Cards- This helps provide different materials like the vegetables for the animals’ salads each day and distilled water for the animals like Roger the rabbit, the land snails, and the hermit crab.

Walmart Gift Cards- This helps provide worms for Stormy the axolotl and replace other basic items like gloves or emergency items like light bulbs if the Outdoor Learning Center is closed.

Amazon Wish List- In talking with the students, we looked up different items to add to their habitats and some items we use every day in the lab like wipes, paper towels, and gloves. We also listed some fun items we would like to add to their habitats.


November/December Staff Birthday's - NEW!

Linda Martin - November 14th

Katie Sralla - December 7th

Stephany Mittendorf - December 11th

Donna Bui - December 16th

Sally Current - December 21

Courtney Richardson - December 27th

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The Academic Calendar for the 2022-2023 school year has been approved by the board

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Plano ISD is now using Let’s Talk! to promote a culture of two-way communication between the district and all stakeholders, including parents, students, staff and community members.

Questions and feedback submitted through Let’s Talk! is automatically routed to the right Plano ISD staff member for a timely response. Topic-specific Let’s Talk! access points are conveniently placed throughout the Plano ISD website. Let’s Talk! will allow the district to better serve the community and make informed decisions based on the types of questions and feedback received.

Do you have a question, concern or compliment to share with Plano ISD district staff? Let’s Talk!


Plano ISD will be offering free COVID rapid testing to employees and students in grades K-12, with parent permission. Testing will be done on a voluntary basis for those employees or students who are experiencing COVID symptoms, and need a negative test to return to work/school. Appointments are required and individuals will be asked to complete a consent form. Each test site will offer drive-through, self-administered testing. Individuals will be informed of test results via email, which can then be provided to your supervisor or campus nurse in order to return to work or school.


  • Bird Center – 1300 19th St., Plano, 75074
  • Spring Creek Center – 2201 W. Spring Creek Pkwy., Plano, 75023


  • Mondays and Thursdays from 3:30 p.m.- 5:30 p.m.

You may sign up for an appointment HERE. If you have questions, please contact Staci Antelo.

COVID-19 Student Reporting Form

This form should be filled out if your student tests positive for COVID-19.

Report any positive cases using the COVID-19 Student Reporting Form. Once a report is made, a campus nurse will follow up with information on return to campus instruction and timelines.

Click here for the COVID-19 Positive Cases Dashboard.

Volunteer Application - Required for ALL Volunteers

Technical Assistance For technical assistance, such as password retrieval and issues with your account, please visit

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