ECHS Homecoming Parade

Help support the Indians!

Show Your School Spirit!

Poplar Road will be supporting our East Coweta Indians in the homecoming parade on Thursday, October 15th . We will have a theme float (“No Place Like Home”) in the parade. Students will walk with the PTO and staff. If you’d like for your child to participate, you will need to sign the permission slip at the bottom of this page and return it to the school before October 14th . Students will meet at 5:10pm (parade starts at 5:30pm) on the Gin Street. Students should wear a solid color shirt (any color but black or white).

Permission Slip

Necessary for ALL participants under age 18

My child has permission to participate in the East Coweta High School Homecoming Parade on October 15th, 2015. I understand that this may include riding on the class/club float either on the trailer or in the tow vehicle or walking alongside the float. I further understand that my child will be expected to follow all instructions from the adult supervisors present at the parade.

Student’s name: ___________________________________________

Parent’s name: ____________________________________________

(please print)

Parent’s signature: _________________________________________

Date: ____________________________________________________