Renewable Solar Energy

Save Money, Live Better

Get The Solar Energy!

Benefits of Solar System: Solar Energy is a safe clean renewable source of energy. It does not use any of the fossil fuel for it to use. Also, it doesn't make noises while running because the plant is collecting all the solar cells in the pollution. Solar Energy plant is available all around the world. Not only Equator has one, but Germany has it also. It has highest capacity of solar power in the world. As long as the sun is up, you will produce electricity from the sun!

Resolving The Conflict

Overcome the Disadvantage

One problem is birds might die facing the solar panel,I believe one way to fix this problem is to use Ultrasonic Pest Bird Repeller which get rids of birds far from 3,600 sq. Ft. Another problem may be that it might be expensive. But still affordable because you could save thousands of dollars from paying your electric bill!