By Ray Kenley

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Have you ever seen an old fashion monster or Godzilla movie? Take that monster and send it back 50,000,000 years, and you've got a Dinosaur.

Dinosaurs were huge monstrous reptiles that lived at times much earlier then us, such as the Triassic (TRI-as-is) period were T-Rex lived and Crotatious (CRO-tae-shus) period were Ankylosaurus and Utah-Rapter lived, Utah-Rapter was a large member of the "Dromaeosaur" family.A family of small,Ostrich like Dinosaurs.Most Dromaeosaurs did.

So if you like Dinosaurs, then you'l like them even more if you read this article written by Ray Kenley age 9!



If you've ever seen a bank robbery on the T.V. News, think up an image of what that would belike in Dinosaur times!

In the Crataties period, Dinosaurs would steal eggs,such as the Velosirapter,Utah-Rapter and Troodon.

How did they do this?Nobody knows.But sciantists have a suggestion on how.Packs, patients and power. The 3 Ps.They wait until the plant eaters leave their nests,then go and steel the eggs.And if the pack of plant eaters came early,the Carnivores would attack back and get an extra feast.


You may think at the time of Dinosaurs the Carnivores ruled the earth, but truth is some of the the biggest carnivores stayed away from the mid-sized plant eaters!

For example, Minmi was a small Ankylosaur who had a brain the size of a wall nut, but was still pretty smart.And all though it was slow, most Dinosaur's ran like an ostrich when Minmi was in their sight.

Other plant eaters like Tricerotops had horns 2 times the size of a bulls! That way they could defend themselves when attacked!

Iguanadontions were big and small, but almost all of them had horned thumbs! If they were to be attacked, they would wave their thumbs to scare the attacker!


Has your mom or a dog had a baby and you were there?Pretty groase right? Well in Dinosaur times it was much better. There was no blood and the baby was safe inside the shell.

Speaking of eggs, Dino eggs came in all shapes and sizes! Some were small and some were long. The Carnivores eggs were long and thin, while the herbivores eggs were round and fat. In fact, most scientists base there thoughts on what kind of food they ate by the eggs!

Although most eggs are small, the biggest egg laid by a Dinosaur found was 2 whole feet long and 3 feet wide!The egg was laid by a Saropuseidon, the tallest animal of all time. There was also a Dino egg shaped like a triangle,and nobody knows what kind of dinosaur it really is!


Dinosaurs didn't live long anough to meat us, but we could find out how they died. Acording to finds of of huge craters all over the world, they might have went extinct from a commet or an astroid hitting the earth. But maybe one day you could take the job and solve the mysteries, and if your lucky...you just might find a Dino in your back yard.
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