the plan

lets talk in summer

How do you work this? Here's your answer:

At the bottom of the page you can add new things. The only things we shouldn't add are, audio, button, bio, embed link, and form. I (Mackenzie) am the one of the only people who know how to add pictures. so just leave the pictures to me. another thing you need to leave to me is the design. look at the side of the page and you will see what i am talking about. click the thing you want at the bottom of the page and fill it in. if you are having trouble like, it does not show it at the bottom of the page, push(at the top) edit flyer.


why are we doing this?

we are doing this so we can talk in summer. if you dont respond for a while (see how to respond on the paragraph "how to comment") you wont get to talk with your best friends anymore. when you can, look for updates telling everybody or telling just you. the way to know if the paragraph is too you, look at the title of it and it will say your code name or every body.
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how to comment:

if you want to talk you need to know how to comment. all you do is click text at the bottom of the page and type whatever you want.

your BFF, Mackenzie