The One Humped Camel

By Scarlett Waters ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

When What Who When Why?

The first camel to step foot on Australia in 1840 was Harry.Harry came to Australia to help the Will and Bourke Expo.Harry was shortly followed by other camels ,saddley Harry killed his owner after he was executed for killing his owner.

The Effects On The environment

The One Hump Camel ate all the native plants such as ground plants, salt bush and acacia shrubs. It also ran throw the bush stepping on the native plant below, the plants they step on below were the animals and the Aboriginals food.

The Impact On The Aborigonals

Many One Hump Camels were used to help keep people warm by killing them then taking there fur off. it also made good food for the Aboriginals to eat, there many way for them to use a One Hump Camel. The One humped Camel also carried diseases some were deadly.

Impact on the Animals

#The One Hump Camel was eating all the plant they need to have/ eat

#it would destroy there food