Welcome to Arcadia


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We Want You!!!!!

Tired of living an ordinary life. Want to be able to wake and feel the morning sea breeze right out the door. Tired of living in constant fear in war and would be willing to carry your own fair share of weight to succeed. Then apply to join The Arcadia the land of perfection. Everyone makes a name for themselves written in hard work and blood. You will have a unique one of a kind job in your community you will feel that you are special to the community and that you serve an important purpose.

Dream of the American Dream

In our heavenly kingdom the American dream is not dream but it is a reality. You will have freedom to do as you wish based on the schedule of your work and how hard you work. The harder you work the longer your legacy is for generations to go. In Fahrenheit 451 they try to achieve perfection and an equal society that gives equal chances to everyone.

Like Fahrenheit 451 or nah

You think Arcadia is like Fahrenheit 451 then think again. They are two complete opposite worlds. In Arcadia you get married out of love you don't marry a person that prefers an inanimate fake family over her husband. Books are allowed in Arcadia and are even encouraged. Meanwhile in Fahrenheit 451 they are banned and considered a crime. Speaking of crime the citizens of Arcadia don't have to worry about it because if you commit a crime you are getting the boot. Lastly, Fahrenheit 451 frowns upon the intellectual while Arcadia we thrive on the intellectual. We promote people to become smarter because the smarter the person the larger contribution to society.


Separate communities






Manuel Labor


inside each communities are sub communities of all the other communities.

All the main buildings in the communities are of the name.

From work hours 8 am to 5 pm people are not allowed to travel in between communities without written consent from a government official.

word days are Monday through Friday

Base pay is the same for everyone but people are rewarded by the effort they place in their work and job. The more effort put forth the more they are payed.

People that put forth no effort will be booted off the land and placed back in to the world.

Inside each community is an entertainment section that provide sports and comedians to that community

At the end of the day there are parties that commence in each community

People are allowed to choose which party they want to go to

if people do not want to go to a party they are able to vote on what they what to do

Weekends are free for the people to do whatever they want

The most advance community of cars

Plenty of cars

Potential problems

If you party to hard or abuse the entertainment that is provided then you will stand before your peers and they will decide your fate. They can vote on whether you get booted out of Arcadia or you get a second chance with given evidence and proof. Someone who has been booted could try to reappear with anger and hatred toward Arcadia but do not fear citizens because he will not be able to penetrate our impenetrable force field. You fear any draw backs of this society well fear not because there are none. Any one is welcome to leave but if you chose to leave then they will never be able to rejoin because it shows their effort is equivalent to zero. This will considered a dystopia to those who don't want to work hard and people that are booted.