The Veiled Chameleon

What You Should Know

Feeding and Care

Our chameleon will require the utmost care as he is far from his natural habitat of Yemen.  He will live in a 30 gal. tank.  In this tank will reside branches of various diameters and foliage.  He will consume crickets and/or mealworms every other day.  He may also delight in eating the greens provided him, such as lettue, dandelion, or the leaves on the branches.  In order to prevent a deficiency, he will be provided a vitamin and mineral rich diet by a sprinkling of both these upon his prey.The terrainium will contain a UVB light for his skin in the day and also a night light.  A thermometer is kept on the side of the terrainium to ensure the tempurature remains around 75 degrees fahrenheit, which should not be difficult in a heated/air conditioned school room.

Interesting Facts!

The chameleon's tongue is 1.5 the length of his body.He changes color in 20 seconds.His color change is mostly based on mood, commuication with other hameleons, and other things, rather than the environment.Fifety-nine out of one hundred sixty species of chameleons live on Madagascar.His eyes can focus on two different directions at once.His tongue accelerates from 0 to 20 feet per second in 20 milliseconds.