Wild Life by: Cynthia DeFelice

Hampton Fay


A 12 year old boy, named Erik, is all about hunting and being outdoors.(protagonist)

Oma as Erik calls her is very nice, is very cheerful, and helpful.(supporting character)

Opa (he prefers Big Darrel) is very grumpy and always seems depressed.(supporting character)

Quill is a dog that is very obedient, tough, loving and is a hunting dog. (protagonist)


I think the theme of the book should be you can never escape your worries because Erik really likes this dog that he found in the beginning of the book and he doesn't't want to give her up to its owner so he runs away. In the end he had to give Quill up to its owner in which he tried to take.


In this book the setting takes place way up in North Dakota where there is nothing but dried plain. The time seemed like it was present day, but out there in North Dakota they say the weather out there changes constantly for example one day it will be warn and the next day in will be really cold.

Conflict and Plot


-the type of conflict that Erik is dealing with is a man vs man

-Erik found this dog out by the barn one morning that was injured by a porcupine. Soon, he bandaged her up. He began to really like this dog so he called her Quill. He asked Oma if it was ok and she said you have to ask your grandpa and so he did. Grandpa said no to Erik that he couldn't keep Quill. Erik was crushed when he herd that they found the dogs owner. He liked Quill so much that he ran away with the dog into the North Dakota plains.

*Exposition- When Erik got his hunting license he was heart broken when he got the news that his parents had to go to Iraq for the military. That ment that he had to stay at Oma's and Opa's house in North Dakota. When he got there he noticed that Oma seemed real nice and Opa seemed depressed and always grump

*Rising Action- On day Erik woke up and got dressed to go outside. He noticed there was a dog with porqupine needles in his nose. It was soon wrapped up.

*Climax- Erik asked Opa if he could keep it but he said no. Erik was really angry he was even more angry when they said they found the owner so he ran away taking Quill with him into the plains of North Dakota.

*Falling Action- Erik each day would get up walk hunt eat and find water every day. He started to question himeself if this was really necessary so he started walking back.

*Resolution-When Erik got home he was so glad to see everybody. Everyone seemed a lot more laid back once he got back. Even Opa didn't seem so depressed anymore. but still Erik had to give the dog back. Which he was so sad about. He was really happy to spend time with Opa.

Book Recommendation

If you are a kid that loves to hunt and be outdoors than this book is for you! I wouldn't lie to you but this book you would never want to put down. You could probably learn a few things about survival. It also gives you (in my opinion) good imagery and makes you really think about the book. One thing that's cool is you can learn how to pheasant hunt only if you read this book! I promise, this book will put you in a different world!