8 Purple News

Spring 2016

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Welcome to high school!

We are in Term 4 now, which means that our 8th graders are getting closer and closer to becoming high school freshmen. We are in the home stretch, but now is not the time to shut down! Keep up the effort until the very end.
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NYC here we come ...

8th grade is getting excited for our trip to NYC on June 2nd! Look out Big Apple!

Spirit Week is coming ....

4/11 - Red Sox Day

4/12 - Neon Day

4/13 - Wacky Day

4/14 - Dress Up Day

4/15 - Purple and White Day

MCAS Testing

Math MCAS - May 11 & 12 Science MCAS - May 18

Google Classroom

Remember that you can check all of your assignments on Google classroom. Click Here!

What's new with 8 Purple teachers?

Cinco de Mayo with Senora Murray!

Mrs. Murray's Spanish classes are preparing for "Cinco de mayo" and learning a bit of history about that special holiday and the enthusiasm that has spread to the U.S.. Who knew that the battle of Puebla was a victory for the Mexicans over the intentions of France to rule them? OK, they won the battle but lost the war, but eventually independence prevailed.

Spanish students will also experience an authentic Mexican cultural tradition, when they make "cascarones," hollowed-out eggs filled with confetti and decorated. Later, on a beautiful, warm spring day, they go outside and break them over each other's heads, and the confetti flies through the air. A fun way to celebrate spring!.

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Salem Witch Trials - Mr. Kuzmich

8 Purple students enjoyed learning about the Salem Witch Trials. The students also enjoyed watching The Crucible, a movie based on the history of the witch trials. If you and your family haven't visited, I encourage you to check it out. We have so much history so close to us - it's worth a short drive. Check out the video below for more info on visiting Salem.
Salem Massachusetts - Destination Video - Travel Guide

Poetry with Mrs. Dwyer

Mrs. Dwyer's ELA classes are currently immersed in poetry. Students are reading to appreciate both classic and modern poetry while applying their knowledge of diction, figurative language, and sound devices to create their own "Found" poems. Meanwhile, students are also reading the famous epic poem The Odyssey, which incorporates Greek mythology with poetic aspects such as Homeric similes. Eventually students will demonstrate their knowledge of poetic elements by analyzing a popular song in a culminating oral presentation to the class.

Mrs. Flagg's Towers of Fun

Mrs. Flagg's classes recently built towers using only straws and pins. They demonstrated their knowledge of physics and balanced/unbalanced forces to see whose tall tower could withstand the most weight! Our top team's tower was strong enough to hold a whopping 9800 grams! Good job!!
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Organization Parties with Mrs. McGarry and Ms. Skowronek

Kids in academic support have been enjoying getting their stuff organized while enjoying snacks and music at our monthly Organization Parties. We've seen lots of cleaning, recycling, hole punching, etc. We heart staying organized!!
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Preparing for MCAS with Mr. Ladino

We have started our geometry unit in an effort to get us better prepared for the MCAS test in May. Check out the video below for more info!