Irish Imigrants To Texas

Daniel Simonds

Why the Irish Left

Long under English domination the Irish have always left there homeland in groups, to find fortune elsewhere. Most Irish families settled in small groups in Texas but settled mostly in San Patricio and Refugio colonial populations before the Texas revolution.

The peters colony

The peters colony of the 1840’s was located in the northern part of Texas covering parts of over ten current Texas counties including Dallas. Dallas was founded in 1841 by an Irishman named John Bryan, who built a log cabin on the east bank of the trinity river near the current courthouse square. 50 years later Irish workmen in Fort Worth were building the rail roads across the state.

Irish Immigrants (culture)

While most of the immigrants had been farmers, most settled in Texas towns and villages in areas known as Irish flats in San Antonio or Irishtown in Corpus Christi. The Irish would build large homes and work as lawyer, judges, doctors, merchants, and cattlemen.

Areas of Major Irish Settlements

San Patricio

San Patricio, once with a pop. Of 500, was a ghost town by 2003 first the railroad went to Sinton,TX; then the county seat was moved to Sinton, TX.

Important Irishmen

Known to the indians as Captain Colorado because of his red hair and beard, Hugo Oconnor got into trouble in ireland and moved 'to spain, where he joined the military and was assigned to New Spain. O'conner came to Texas in 1767 and served as govenor until 1770.

Over a Hundred years later 25 Irishmen signed the Goliad Declaration; four signed the Texas Declaration of Independence in 1836, 11 died at the alamo, 14 died with Fannin in Goliad, and 100 were a part of Houstons army at San Jacinto.

Did You Know?

The battle of San jacinto was fought on the land of Peggy McCormick an Irishwoman, she complained to Houston about the smell of dead bodies on her land.

The hurricane of 1919 destroyed San Patricio.

Irishtown also had a fire fighting unit known as the shamrock hose company.

Irish Immigrations Impact on Texas

The Irish impacted Texas In many ways. 125 Irishmen risked there life fighting for sam houstons army and over 25 died fighting for Texas to be independant. John Bryan founded Dallas and without him Dallas might not be here, the Irish also settled San Antonio and Corpus Christi. The Irish have done so much to settle and defend Texas. The Irish actually settled most of the texas coast (coastal plains). So the Irish actually settled Texas in many good ways.