February News

Mrs. Chua

Reading and Math

We began reading Unit 5 last week. Unit 5 is about celebrations from simple family ones to major holidays. As mentioned before, please work on the red word cards. We have finished the last sounds for jolly phonics. Sound assessments focus on consonant sounds at the beginning and end of words. Students should be moving toward secure understanding of vowel sounds.
We will soon finish math Unit 3 and take the final assessment. Unit 4 covers finding 10's in teen numbers, number partners and drawings to represent addition/subtraction situations. Soon we will be doing fluency quick checks on addition/subtraction math facts using numbers no larger than five.

100 Days of School

February 9th is the big day. We will make 100 day snack mix, have a fashion show to model our 100 day shirts and wear special hats. We will do many activities themed around the number 100. If you did not receive the information about making a shirt, please contact me immediately.

Valentine's Day Party

We will be making our valentine card holders at school. Students are asked to please have valentines for each person in class. I will send a list of names home soon to help your child complete his/her valentine cards.

Class Dojo changes

You may have noticed that I have not been resetting dojo points every night. To help reward positive behavior, students receive a golden ticket for every 10 points they earn. After a student reaches 10 points, I will reset to zero and students can work up to 10 again. There will be more dojo changes coming this spring. Stay alert!!

Dates to Remember

Feb 6-10 Kindness Challenge week
Feb. 8 Early Release

Feb. 9 Literacy Night
Feb. 14 Valentine Party (more info coming soon)

Feb. 23 End of second trimester
Feb. 24 The school board will be meeting soon to decide if we will have a make up day.

Science/Social Studies Themes

Groundhog’s Day

100th Day