Unit 2 Summative

People and Groups migrate together to create peace.

People and groups migrate together, to get what they want and need to survive.

In the game I was apart of the Army and Wealthy social group. During the game our goal was to maintain power and take over Guatemala. During the 3 days of the game we went through a treaty with the Guatemalan government which I broke after kidnapping there leader during a meeting with the peasants. I also silenced the Guerillas major leader. The peasants tried to trick us with a contract that would make us loose 200 MSUs but after realizing we made a mistake signing it I ripped up the contract and we regained our MSUs.

Post conflict among different countries

The Holocaust

  • The Holocaust was a huge conflict involving the German "Nazis" social groups and the religious social group of the "Jews"
  • Hitlers perspective on the Jews was that they were awful and the worst types of people to ever walk on the planet. Meanwhile everyone else thought that there was nothing different about the Jews. This is considered Multiple perspectives.