Silver Stud Man

By: Brett Jordan

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Element information


1: Highly electrical

2: Very strong

3: Has the highest thermal conductivity of any metal

4: Incredibly stable in water and air

5: Improves electrical conductivity at VHF and higher frequencies

6: Kills lots of bacterias

History of Element:

1: Used as ornaments for thousands of years

2: Used as Roman money

3: The crescent moon has bean used for thousands of years to represent silver

Important Uses of Element:

1: Used in decorations such as teapots

2: Used in electronics and solar panels

3: Can be ground into powder, or turned into paste

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Superhero Abilities

1: Super strength

2: Can cure any living thing

3: Can make a dead body come back to life

4: Can heat up an entire building with a snap of a finger

5: Never is to hot or cold

6: Can listen to different frequencies

7: Can fly

8: Incredibly fast swimmer

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