Energy Revision

Revision Questions

What are states of matter? Show the particles.

the states of matter are gas, Liquid, Solid.
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What is a Fuel? What do you need for combustion?

A fuel is an object that is then used to create energy… You need the full combustion triangle, it involves, OXYGEN, FUEL and HEAT...


CONDUCTION is when particles pass energy from one to another. Convection is the rise of air. RADIATON is energy which it's transfer is by a wave...

What are Fossil Fuels?

Fossil Fuels are a type of stored energy which can be OIL, COAL and GASES which are the remains of dead plants and animals..

What is a turbine?

A turbine generates energy when it spins around, it uses Solar energy, or wind energy as it's fuel.

Which materials are good heat conductors?

Objects which are very good head conductors are MOSTLY metals…. If the METAL (solid) has a MATT black finish, it absorbs more heat waves released from the sun.

Describe how evaporation works.

Evaporation happens when there is a LIQUID that is HEATED by a source of HEAT, it is HEATED at such a high level, that the particles of that element have so much ENERGY that they break away from the ELEMENT causing EVAPORATION...
Evaporation Particle Movement