All about Adrian Peterson

by Jacob Impola


Adrian Peterson was born on March 21,1985 in Palestine, Texas.
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Early Years & Education

When Adrian Peterson was little he was a big fan of the Dallas Cowboys. He started to play football when he was seven. When Adrian was little his parents Nelson and Bonita called him A.D because his energy lasted "All Day." He was in football, basketball, and he also ran races during high school. He chose to go to the university of Oklahoma. At high school and college he played football. During college his football team's name was the Sooners
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Adrian has a dad, a mom, four brothers, He married Ashley Brown, and had four children. His brother's name's are Brian, Derrick, Eldon, and Jaylon. HIs parent's name's are Nelson and Bonita. His children's name's are Adeja, Tyrese, Axyl, and Adrian Peterson Jr.
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March 21, 1985 Adrian Peterson was born in Palestine Texas.

1992 At age 7, Adrian starts to play football.

2003 Adrian scores 32 touchdowns during his senior year at Palestine high school.

2004 Adrian is runner up for the Heisman trophy.

2006 Adrian breaks his collar bone during his junior year at the University of Oklahoma.

2007 The Minnesota Vikings select Adrian during the NFL draft.

2008 Adrian starts the All day foundation to help people in need.

2008-2011 Adrian is chosen for the pro ball each year.

2011 Adrian agrees to play for the Vikings seven more years.

2011-2012 Adrian injures his left knee, cutting his season short, and then returns to the Vikings.

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Adrian Peterson highlights video!!

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