December 2, 2020

HRMS Families,

This weeks newsletter will have three stories: Principal's Chat, Mariachi and the self-care information from the district.

Principal's Chat

This week's principal's chat includes information from Mr. Apland for our families on Google Guardian, Student Recognition, and Mystery Stuff Member.
Principal's Chat - Week 11


Be apart of something amazing!

Join the Mariachi Band.

Enroll now!

Mr. Martinez will be teaching k-12. If interested email

More information coming soon.

Taking Care of Yourself

To be able to care for the people you love and care about, you must first take care of yourself. It’s like the advice we’re given on airplanes: put on your own oxygen mask before trying to help someone else with theirs. Taking care of yourself is a valid goal on its own, and it helps you support the people you love.

Self-care Tips and Ideas

  • Exercise

  • Journaling/ writing

  • Listening to music

  • Art

  • Talking with a friend

  • Walking/ running

  • Reading

  • Try to do something that you enjoy

  • Watch a movie

  • Set clear boundaries on your time and energy

  • Meditate

  • Deep breathing

  • Yoga

  • Take breaks

  • Do something new

  • Get a massage

  • Say positive affirmations

  • Mindful exercises

  • Nap

  • Have a day to yourself

How do I know when my self-care isn't enough?

  • Do I find myself making careless mistakes? (Is my mind so busy with worrying that I don't have enough focus to finish tasks correctly?)

  • Despite all of my best efforts, do I still feel like I need help?

  • Am I finding myself using drugs or alcohol a lot?

  • Do others seem to notice that I am struggling?

  • Have I ignored important duties or people in my life?

  • Do I find myself crying most days, most of the day?

If you need help, dial 211 to be connected to local resources.

Please let me know if you have questions, concerns, or words of praise for the people or programs of Hood River Middle School. Thank you and have a great day.


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Brent Emmons- Principal