November 2020 - The More You Know


Important Dates

Tuesday 3rd - NO SCHOOL - if you're 18 or older, go vote!

Wednesday 4th - A cohort Make-Up Day (in person) - No Wednesday virtual academic classes.

Friday 6th - The grading period for Quarter 1 ends so get those assignments in!

Wednesday 11th @ 2:00 - **Castleton State University Virtual College Visit Just for CTE students! Learn more about their program offerings here!**

November 18th @ 2:00 - **Champlain College Virtual College Visit Just for CTE students! Learn more about their program offerings here!**

23rd - 27th - School Vacation :)

How to Navigate a Virtual College Fair

Check out the upcoming Virtual College Fairs for CTE students (look up at Important Dates). Touring colleges and information sessions look pretty different this year. Here are some hints on how to get the most out of a virtual visit!

Hybrid learning is hard! How can I (or my student) get more support?

Students have the opportunity to attend school in person on Wednesdays! You can work with specific teachers for that extra boost you might need. You must ask one of your teachers to sign you up the Friday before and provide whether you need transportation and/or breakfast/lunch.

Wednesday's available in November: 11/11 & 11/18

All About Employability Skills (Previously known as Worker Traits)!

Employability skills can be defined as the transferable skills needed by an individual to make them “employable.” Employability skills are a component of your overall program grade at CTE.

What are the Employability Skills?

  • Working and Collaborating with Others--Students participate, contribute, and compromise as a member of a group to accomplish a common goal.

  • Working Independently-- Students demonstrate the ability to complete tasks to the targeted level, in the appropriate time and seek feedback when working independently.

  • Work Ethic/Punctuality-- The ability to attend class on time, recognize, prepare for and persevere until tasks are completed.

  • Interpersonal and Professional Communication-- Demonstrate the ability to listen attentively and to clearly share information and ask questions in a manner that is appropriate to the setting and purpose.

  • Integrity and Safety-- Demonstrate the ability to follow rules and procedures while also taking responsibility for behavior, attitude, and actions.

*If you have a question about your Employability Skills grade, ask your instructor how you can improve and in which area(s)!

Asking for Letters of Recommendation--A Few Helpful Tips!

Whether you are applying for a job or to college, you will be asked to provide letters of recommendation--speaking on your behalf and who you are as a person.

  • Who should I ask? Ask someone who knows your character, work ethic, and can speak to your skills. Ideally, this is someone who has known you for a while or a current program or academic teacher.

  • When should I ask? Give yourself and the person you are asking plenty of time (2-3 weeks at the least). If you wait too long, the person you are asking for a recommendation may not have time to complete. The person you are asking may also need more information and insight into your extracurriculars, community service and volunteer work, and employment history, so be prepared for them to ask you to complete a letter of recommendation request form.

  • How should I ask? Talk to each individual directly. Include why you need the letter, what you are hoping to pursue, and requested due date. Ask the person if they need any additional information about your skills or educational/employment history.

  • What should I do after I receive my letter of recommendation? Send a written thank you letter to each person who wrote a letter for you. Sending your appreciation is a common courtesy and speaks volumes!

Seniors: Need Help Filling out Financial Aid Forms?

VSAC is here to help (so are your CTE Counselors)!

Here are a couple of options:

*Schedule an individual (or family) meeting with someone from VSAC! They can help walk you through the process. You will need your and your parents 2019 tax returns and social security numbers.

*Check out the VSAC Events Calendar and find a presentation/information session that fits your needs.

*Navigate it more independently through watching this video and/or accessing these resources to help guide your way through FAFSA completion.

*Meet with your CTE school counselor - we can get you started and answer some basic questions but the VSAC folks are the experts :)

In case you didn't get to 'Meet' us at Open House...

Alumni Profile-Bortz Family

Parents View: Lisa and Seth Bortz

There is no perfect education model but CTE allows for flexibility for students to succeed. Both of our kids went to CTE from sophomore thru senior year and they took very different career paths.

Our son Tyler went into pre-tech, then went on to automotive, and his senior year he was in Natural Resources Mechanical. During his senior year he met with the career counselor and came up with some interests. Tyler had a full time job when he graduated at the Town of Essex Water Department. CTE helped him be prepared for the interview and prepare a resume. He has been there for 5 years and is climbing the ladder in the ranks.

Jessica on the other hand went into pre-tech not really knowing what she wanted to do. Our quiet reserved daughter started embracing the CTE experience. She was told about a college class that she could take for free through CTE. She took it and that was just the start, as she took advantage of all she could. She ended up graduating with 18 college credits (that were transferable to NVU). What parent does not convert this into a cash value?

CTE helped both of our kids, two totally different learning styles, with two totally different career paths, achieve success. We can’t say enough good things about this school, its teachers, and support staff.

Alumni View: Jessica Bortz

My years at CTE were some of my favorite years of my schooling journey. I was given so many opportunities and was consistently pushed to be the best version of myself. The teachers are there to guide you in the career path that you want to achieve. CTE prepared me for being a successful college student. The experience that CTE allowed me to have, benefited me immensely. I took advantage of the opportunity to take as many college classes as I could. I graduated high school with 18 college credits that would be transferred over to my college. Due to having these credits I was recognized as a freshman to be inducted into the National Leadership and Success Society.

My message to other students would be that CTE can give you the self confidence to try new experiences and let yourself grow into the successful person you want to be. I’m currently a Junior at Northern Vermont University studying to become an Elementary School teacher or a Special Education teacher. Thank you CTE I couldn't have done it without you!

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