Health Services

The Grantee must meet its comprehensive screening requirement (vision, hearing, medical, dental, nutritional, developmental, mental health) within 45 days as well as ensure full immunization and physical exams for all children enrolled in its program. In addition, follow-up, treatment and individualized case management is provided for all children with health needs.
The Office assists parents in preparing their at-risk children for educational success, including, as appropriate, health screening and referral. Each child, aged 6 weeks to kindergarten eligibility, receives an initial screening, within 45 days after the child’s first or subsequent enrollment, to identify a child who may need individualized supports.
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The Office also requires child care providers to obtain and keep on file record of the child’s immunizations, physical development and other health requirements as necessary, including appropriate vision and hearing screening and exams, within 30 days of enrollment.

Licensing requires the child care center to protect the health, sanitation, safety, and well-being of all children under care.

Licensing standards address the health, sanitation, safety and adequate physical surroundings for all children in child care and the health and nutrition of all children in child care. Children entering licensed child care programs must have periodic health examinations, documentation for immunizations.