BJS Partnership Competition

'Who am I?'

Tuesday 12th May

The BJS Partnership overall winner this week is...

Tamzin from Jessop Primary School- Congratulations!

Tapping Tamzin

Tamzin thought long and hard about how to best show who she is and decided that her tap dancing represented her. She loves to dance, especially tap, and has attended tap dancing lessons every Saturday for many years (even taking part in lots of shows). This was one of her show outfits.

Thank you for all of your amazing entries!

It was incredibly hard to choose from the incredible number of entries submitted last week. Thank you all for your creativity, we have really enjoyed watching these videos and photographs and were thrilled at how many of you enjoyed making them.

School Key Stage Winners

Early Years Foundation Stage Winners


Stockwell Primary School

No Entry

Bonneville Primary School
Big picture


Jessop Primary School

Key Stage One Winners


Stockwell Primary School


Bonneville Primary School


Jessop Primary School

Lower Key Stage Two Winners


Stockwell Primary School


Bonneville Primary School
Sam's Don't Rush Challenge


Jessop Primary School

Upper Key Stage Two


Stockwell Primary School


Bonneville Primary School
Iolanda don't rush

No Entry

Jessop Primary School
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This Week's Competition

'Where am I going?...Who will I become?'

To design and make a costume under the theme: ‘Where am I going… who will I become?’

This can be submitted in two ways...

a) A sketch


b) Photograph

Judging Criteria

1) Use of appropriate household products

2) Wear ability

3) Clarity


Please ensure you submit your entries with your child's Name, School and Year Group (Not Class Name).

Ensure you upload your entries to by Friday 12pm.

Winners will be announced on Monday 18th May, along with next week’s competition.

Some of this week's entries- Thank you all for your wonderful creations!

lavinia don't rush

Now off you go...on to your next mission!