Middle School Big Fat Liar

by James Patterson

main charecters

Gorgia, her brother Rafe, Ronda her friend, Her mom, and Grandma.


at home and school.


Goragia is going in to middle school but when she gets there she does not know anyone. When Goragia got to her first class her teacher thought that she was going to be bad because when her brother went to that school he tried to break every rule in the book. After lunch Goragia ask to go to the bathroom and on her way there she met some girl but they were being rude and making fun of her.

A few weeks later she told her mom that she was making a snack for the class but she was not she was making slime stuff. When she got to school she went strate to the bath room. After a couple of minutes the mean girls walked in and she stood on the toilot and then she dumped the slime on the girls. When she got back to class the teacher called her name and then she got sent to the principals office. When she got to the office she was told that she had a week of detention. When she got home she dicided to not tell her mom because there was a dance coming up and a guy asked her to the dance with him. Befor the dance her mom pulled her in to her room and they had a talk and she found out that she was adoptid.


I think that the arthor is trying to tell you to be your self.


will she go to the dance. does she get the mean girls to stop being rude.