Jackson is a ZERO!

No one should ever be forced to leave their only land!

Native Americans were 100% peaceful on their land why force them to leave?

Andrew Jackson was being insanely selfish and made the Natives move just because he wanted gold. Many of the Natives died because of him. We have forced them to move to much already why would it be okay to make them move again?

Story of Us- Trail of Tears.mov

The National bank could be extremely helpful someday!

Because he totally ruined the national bank we have no clue how good it was to have the national bank! it held an important stand in how we kept our money safe but Andrew only saw the bad in it and not the good.

Jackson killed the national government. The Monster in this cartoon represents the National bank.

Now the people want to secede?!

Because of high taxes South Carolina refuses to pay them! Jackson allowed the military to go in and execute anyone who doesn't pay these ridiculously high taxes!