When clay sings

Taylor, David, Silver

Artistic Style

The art of the book is based on real clay art that was created by the Native Indian of the American Southwest. The art surrounds the text of the book. The color of the art are earthy colors and have no sharp lines. Instead of double page spread, the pages are collages with the art taking up most of the pages. The art stays consistent of the course of the book, without no single picture being bigger or smaller then the next.

Picture Analysis

From the first page, the lizard is in the foreground, with cactus and mountains leading off in the background. When looking at this for the first time, your eyes naturally fall on the lizard and the text on the left page. The image is a warming picture of the desert, using the colors yellow, white, brown, and beige. The negative space of the picture provides depth in the picture and allows the picture to stand still. The image is something that you can image in real life. The diagonal lines drags your eyes to the lizard.