PreK II News

Week of January 12th

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What's SPECIAL this week?

*We hope you enjoyed the snow days together!
*We are continuing our unit on WINTER. Be looking for snowmen, ice, and winter animal themed projects to be sent home. Ask you child what they've learned about winter!
*There is no school on Friday, January 16th or Monday, January 19th!


*Please remember to dress your children for the weather outside! We go outside if it's above 32 degrees! Hats, gloves, scarves, and boots (if there's snow) are super helpful!
*There is NO school Friday and Monday (the 16th & 19th).

Family Partnerships

*Help make your child's transition back to school an easy one by reminding them of our classroom rules often these first few weeks back. Things that we know are difficult for them are: no running, no screaming, always raise your quiet hand to speak, waiting your turn, sharing toys, etc.
*Build a snowman outside with the snow! Put some food coloring in a squirt bottle to make your snowman colorful.

Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness

Kindness isn’t taught, it’s learned. In order to be kind, you have to experience it at home, and most of that experience is learning it by example.

Here are four ways to bridge the kindness gap:
1. Walk the walk. Children understand kindness through everyday interactions with their parents.
2. Talk the talk — give them kind language. Kindness is the ability to take another person’s perspective and then tailor your words and actions accordingly.
3. Reward big acts of kindness, but don't go overboard. Reward “uncommon acts of kindness”
4. Force them out of their comfort zone to teach empathy. Kids should interact with people from different backgrounds, to learn how to place themselves in someone else’s shoes