The Yukon Today


The Population of the Yukon mostly consists of unspoiled wild life and nature. Few plants are scattered among the Yukon because of the poor soils. Mammals such as Grizzly bears Dall sheep roam the Yukon today. People find it hard living here as well because of the high construction prices and harsh conditions.

Sports and Activities

Although the population is scarce, often people go to the Yukon to have fun! In the winter time many people come to dog sled, snowmobile and ski. They also come to hunt fish and go rafting! Annual Winter Games are also held at the Yukon. Athletes from around the country come to compete.


In the Yukon today, the summers are short, but the days drag on. The temperature in the summer can reach up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. In the Winter however, it can get as low and -60 Degrees Fahrenheit. In the Yukon Precipitation is light, only about 10 inches a year.