By: Aldyn Jarrard

Fast Facts

.Continent- Europe



.Area-50,949 square miles (131,957 square kilometers)

.Main Languages-99% Greek

.Main Religion-Greek Orthodox 98%

.Distance from capital to Washington D.C-Athens, Greece is 5,143 miles (8276.86kil) away from Washington D.C USA


In Greece they would eat lamb mostly for Easter. Fish, cheese, baklava (Greek dessert) and spinach pie.


Greek Easter is one of the most important holiday in Greece. January 1st, Greeks celebrate St. Basils day to make the new year. On the new year there's a cake that have a coin in it and who ever has the coin gets good luck all year.


6-15 most go to public school, though a few go to private schools. Same subject, but they also take ancient Greek and religion subject.


President elected every 5 years, by parliament. Prime minister appointed by the president. Leads the government. Parliamentary election are held once every four years.
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Things I would like to see

I would like to see the house of Santorini. Market I would like to see is Plaka. The food I would like to try there is Greek leaves and meat for Gyros. the church I would see is Oia church. the store I would see is the Traditional Taverna.

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Something About The Flag

The blue on the flag is to represent the sea, and the white is to symbolize sea foam on top of the wave. The white and blue also stands for the skies and clouds. The Greek cross symbolize of the Greek Orthodox Church, shows people strong faith.