Team Tuttle March Newsletter

Spring has sprung!!

How about some recognition? Congrats to all who had pv, but an extra shout out to these rockstars!

Designers with $1,000-$1,999 in pv:

Christyn Kosobucki

Lisa Pinaszo

Kyna Lunglhofer

Melissa Burgess

Jamie Cole

Alicia Anthony

Heather Smith

Melissa Shaffer

Theresa Fritz

Stephanie Sellen

Heather Kannard

Desiree Toler

Crystal Dolan

Shakira Baker

Megan Shaffer

Heather Cole

Darcee Johanns

Katie Moore

Kelly Green

Raina Conner

Ashley Kokkinakos

Marisa Beachy

Jenna Robinson

Sherri Paltrineri

April Murphy

Donna O'Connor

Michelle Shenk

Dawn Thomas

Designers with $2,000-$2,999 in pv:

Yvonne Woolard

Gina Speelman

Nina David

Liz Kaufman

Designers with $3,000-$3,999 in pv:

Christina Schaap

Designers with $4,000-$4,999 in pv:

Angie Gretz!!

Hooo in our little nest has promoted? Congrats to these owls who are moving up!

Aimee Kenyon to Lead Designer

Brittany Anderson to Lead Designer

Heather Kannard to Lead Designer

Ashley Kokkinakos to Lead Designer and...

Stephanie Sellen to Senior Team Leader

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For everyone that won a charm from the incentive last month, I will be placing my order tomorrow, when the new items are available to order. I will get those charms to you asap. Thanks for a great month...can't wait to see where April takes us!

-xoxo Kristen