Coral Reef

Katie Cruz

Ocean Zone

Lesson 1 - Where are the oceans? The coral Reefs are located in Australia, South America , Carbean sea the map is above

Lesson 2-

Ocean water chemistry: Average Temperature: 18 C or 25 & 31

Average Density: 47,37,35,28 and 23'10 is greater

Average Pressure:75%

Average salinity:between 34 and 37

Lesson 4 - Waves: They do by easily breaking off or flatten large portions of coral reefs they do that because of the force of the water.

Lesson 6- Currents: The currents on coral reef are like waves and their blood, they bring nutrients, they prey and new circuits and might carry particulates

Lesson 8 - Abiotic factors: are all non-living things on ecosystem.

Biotic factors: no biotic factors

sample food web: above

invasive species:

-Diffuse knapweed,skatch broom, himalayan blackberry

-Atlantic salmon, European green crab

-gypsy moth

-american bullfrog


-European starling

-white pine blister rust

Lesson 9- Resources found in your location : coral reefs are now being developed as drugs for possible cures or art rifts human bacterial infections, viruses , and other diseases.

Human Impact on your ocean : pollution

what can be done to protect your location : people to stop, and people to transformations to pick up the trash that would be generous enough to do that.

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