20 Thousand Leauges Under the Sea

Book Project


" The Earth does not need new continents, it needs new men". I chose this quote because it showed how separate captain Nemo is from humanity. I read the book 20,000 leagues under the sea.


The setting of this story takes place all across the worlds oceans. The main characters in 20,000 years under the sea are, Prof M.Arronax, Conseil, Ned Land, and captain Nemo . As the prof, Consiel, and Ned Land were thrown off bored a ship they are picked up by the Nautilus a submarine vessel, there they meet captain Nemo who takes on a voyage all across the worlds oceans. This book has an external conflict because prof Arronax always talks aloud with Ned, Conseil, and captain Nemo. This book is mainly about the adventures of the prof, Conseil, and Ned land aboard the ship Nautilus with captain Nemo. The theme of this novel is, never give up even if your situation seems hopeless.


I did not really enjoy this book unfortanetly, because I found it very boring. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes classic novels.