The Communication History

By: Raul Rodriguez

Evolution of communication

Communication is from sending or receiving information, such as telephone lines or computers, or simply symbols to communicate. Communication has had a big impact on us and has made it easier for us to communicating with each other.

From smoke signals that took long for people to get where you where, to just a phone call away that can get you help in little as minutes.

people had to wait to see there family for the longest, and now you can just get to a computer/phone and talk face to face though their device.

Communication is very important to our day life's now, specially when you have a job. Many times you have to send an important email that connects with you and the job. Or now you have to send your job application through the internet.

Even a way to communicate to someone that you don't have a number too can be as easy as to look for them online and send them an email.

But one of the biggest communication that impacts most young people is social media, because its a way to interact with people in a fun way. Also find and get to see people you haven't seen in a long time.