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Monthly Media & Tech Newsletter November 2016

Free At Last!!!

Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Harkey are officially free from the fixed enhancement schedule and free to better serve you and your students! If you would like assistance planning, accessing resources, or teaching PLEASE sign up for a time to work together on the Harkey/Martin calendar. Look for a time that is not already scheduled and click, then add a brief description to remind us of what we will be doing! When we come in to teach with you, please be sure you have talked with us prior so we are not coming in unprepared. If you just need help with Google Sites for example, just put your name - Google Sites. Make sure you sign up early so you get your preferred time. We look forward to working with you! Click the video below to watch how.
How to sign up on Harkey/Martin calendar

M-Powerment Strategy for November

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M-3 - Standards-Aligned Lessons

Teachers know their curriculum, design relevant, purposeful lessons aligned to state standards, and communicate learning outcomes to students.

Did you know that many of the tech tools we have are searchable by standards? Some great options are Wixie, Discovery Ed, Storia, Tumblebook Library, and iCurio. If you need some help figuring our how to find the curriculum alignment features in any of these, please let Brenda know!

Looking for some help aligning your old lessons to the Common Core standards, or want some NEW ideas that are already aligned? Check out this web page from ReadWorks . Just select your grade level and get started with some ELA lessons! Need Math? Scroll to the bottom of this page from and select math. ELA and Science is also included. These lessons have reflections from teachers that may help you tweek them and make them even better!

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SOS Hundreds Board

Here is a compilation of all100 SOS strategies from Discovery Education! Just click on a number to learn more about how to use that strategy. Make sure you are logged into Discovery Ed before clicking on the board.

Tips & Tricks of the Month!

Have you seen the new Tumblebook Library? We LOVE the new interface and now it has several ways to search the entire collection!! Take a look at this video we made that shows some of the new features including how to find books and lessons aligned to the curriculum standards!
Tumblebooks and Common Core