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ORTOPLUG offer the best products work, made from the finest materials. That's why our Handmade Wooden Plugs line is made of biocompatible materials (quality implant) and excellent finishing with mirror polished. We are based in the most demanding international standards to offer top quality jewelry. The 95% of our models are made of titanium; surgical grade steel implant is only used in some parts.

On our website you will find info about our line of Popular Large Gauge Body Jewellery which is based on international standards, and meets standards set by the most demanding drillers Worldwide. We seek that the pieces are functional and fostering a better and faster healing also brindem the aesthetic beauty that only professionals understand. One of our biggest goals is to demonstrate that the external thread and jewelry materials like acrylic are obsolete in the modern world of body piercing.

We are a company that designs and manufactures all its parts, we are not "resellers" so if you have an idea, we can make it. We can safely say that piercing the highest quality with the best price on this web site is specially designed for you. It is equipped with the best quality body piercing and accessories therefore. We hope your visit again and remember that we are the best, ORTOPLUG sale of piercing wholesale.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you like our jewelry, our project is driven only by our desire to make things right and our love for Body Piercing.