The terrible effects athletes deal with

Affects of Steroids

Athletes are beginning to use steroids to become bigger, faster, and stronger. But what athletes don't always know about, the negative affects. You can get various types of cancer, heart attacks, strokes, and many other diseas from just taking steroids.

Easy Ways to Get Ahold of Steroids

The "American Style"

Anyone is able to get steroids by just having a computer and a credit card. To acquire steroids you just have to find an illegal website, and click the buy button. The website does the rest. The website then sends a prescription to a doctor unaware of the clients situation. The doctor signs it, and the steroids are then sent directly to the clients house.

Illegal Stores

Many athletes also get ahold of steroids through illegal stores. The stores mainly get their steroids from the internet. The police are working hard to shut these websites and stores down. It is hard for the police to shut these down however, because they are hidden.