Snap Ring

Change your clothes with just the snap of your fingers!

Caroline Honza 3rd Period:

Imagine you'r on the beach, and the line for the restroom is endless. With the snap ring all you have to do is snap your fingers and your automaticaly wearing your new swim suite.

Not just to change clothes!

Thinking about making it a gift?

This is the perfict gift for that one girl you just cant think of what to get! Come into our store and take home the perfect gift! Buy now and recive 20% off. So you recived a ring, shoes, a purse, and a bottle of purfume for just $49.99! You can't get the same deal anywhere else!
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This ring comes in all styles!

From infinity signs to crosses this ring comes in many different styles online and in stores. Visit us online or come into our stores to see all the many styles. Our new summer collection will be out June 1, 2013.