Welcome Back!

Houston Academy Library

Houston Academy LMC Goals

  • To support and enrich the school's curriculum.
  • To motivate student reading for personal growth and pleasure.
  • To guide students toward becoming independent and critical users of information through research activities.
  • To provide support, materials and training for teachers to assist with their classroom and library activities.

We are Here for You and Your Students

Your library serves as an extension to your classroom teaching.

We are here to support you in your efforts to provide quality instruction for your students.

We are here to encourage your students’ natural curiosity for learning through literature.

We are here to assist students in the development of critical thinking skills through research activities.

We are here to provide materials and training for teachers to learn and grow as professionals.

Stop by and find out how we can work together.

Student Passes

We encourage you to send students to the library on passes after they have attended their orientation. Please use the LMC pass when you send your students to the library. We must have in writing the purpose of each student’s visit. Check your e-mail for the file of the LMC pass. You can print and copy it as needed. No student may use the library’s resources without a pass.

You may send up to three students on a LMC pass. Passes are valid for fifteen minutes (unless you have made previous arrangements).

The LMC pass needs to be filled out completely. There is an area to check stating the reason for the pass. No student may use the computers without that area being filled in completely.

Students using the Internet must have a signed acceptable use form on file.

Video and DVD Viewing

We have many video and DVD titles to support your classroom activities. You may check out as many as 2 titles for a two week period. You will be asked to fill out a Video Viewing form at the beginning of the year acknowledging the LMC’s video check-out policy.

Video is also available through Discovery Education Streaming. Our campus pass code is: f b c c-1 d 6 4.

Use it to create an account. If you had a username and password for United Streaming use it to log in.


Request for Support, Materials and Equipment

Teachers who are requesting support or materials for a research activity should complete a Teacher/Librarian Cooperation request form at least one week prior to the time the lesson is to take place.

The Teacher/Librarian Cooperation request includes the TEKS/Benchmarks covered in the lesson. The materials you need to complete the lesson (books, videos, Internet, etc…) should be checked off on the form. Copies of the form can be found near the scheduling sheet in the professional section of the library. I will e-mail a form to you so that you an print one when needed.

You must arrange a time to discuss your library activity with me before your scheduled library time. The time we spend planning together will result in a better management of time, materials and students. Let’s Plan for Success.

All rooms have an overhead/document camera and cart assigned to them.

Request for overhead bulbs should be sent to me via e-mail, requests for new document camera and projector bulbs should be directed to the tech spec.

Teacher Check Out Limits

Library books have been purchased for students and must be made available to all students via the LMC. Teachers may not create classroom libraries from the school’s student library.

You can check out up to 20 titles for classrooms. Please return all books after two weeks to ensure they remain available for student use. Teachers are financially responsible for books checked out in their name.

Videos and DVDs may be checked out for instructional use only. As many as two (2) videos may be checked out for a two week period.

Student Check Out: Overdues and Fines

  • 6th grade students can check out 3 books for a two week period.
  • 5th grade students may check out 2 books.
  • At the Intermediate level, fines are assessed on late books. After two weeks a fine of .10 cents a school day is charged to students.
  • Please help students with the return of their books by sending them to the library for drop off or reminding them of the book return cart in the cafeteria before lunch.
  • Overdue reminders will be e-mailed to homeroom teachers at least once a month.
  • DO NOT take a students library book away from them as a punishment. The book is checked out to that student and they are financially responsible for it. If you take possession of the book from them, YOU become financially responsible if it is not returned to the LMC.

Visit the Professional Section of the Library

We have over 200 different titles available for check out in our professional section to help you with lessons and professional development. Please come visit, and take a moment to check out the varied selection of books and professional resources available for check out. The first person to read this far and contact Ms. Gilbert immediately will receive a free gift card. See you soon.

Elizabeth Gilbert, Houston Academy Information Literacy Specialist