Middle School Tech

December 2016

Using 360 pictures and videos in the classroom


Check out the images on the THETA web site. View amazing images, and discover how 360 images can be used to tell a story in the classroom.



Look up words, make practice lists, play games.

This is for students, educators, and anyone who wants to increase their vocabulary!

It's free!

Quick tricks with Windows 10 Desktop to Tablet mode

If your desktop doesn't "look right" to you, watch this! Very easy directions for switching icons, moving things around on your desktop, switching to tablet mode, and more!
Win 10 switch between Desktop mode Tablet mode Start Menu Start Screen



Bring the power of listening to your classroom.

Podcasts about all subjects and current topics of interest, including current events.

Increase comprehension and listening skills.

Assessments to go along with each of the podcasts.

All subjects.

All grade levels.

And, it's free!

Listenwise: Building Listening Comprehension

Class Tree

This app works very similarly to Remind.

"Classtree actually lets you attach a consent form for parents to e-sign to go along with the announcement. The app even shows you exactly who has seen your note and who owes you a signed form."



Classtree Parent Teacher Communication App

What's on YOUR Christmas list?


This is a great list of interesting and useful tech gadgets for the classroom. I'd like to have the Brush Bot Kits!

Fraction Mash


This app was updated in September of 2016.

It's free!

Mash photos together and adjust the grids.

Use fractions to control the size of pieces and how many pieces appear from each photo in the final mashups.

Re-mix previous mashups for even crazier effects.
Combine text, audio, video, and your mashup to create a story....write about it, talk about it, share it!

Dear Teacher...

Some of you may have seen this before, but if not, take a look. :)
Dear Teacher: Heartfelt Advice for Teachers from Students