Changes that occured in the Reformation

The Reformation:Cristicism of the church led by the Pope.

Humanism:A Renaissance intellectual movement in which thinkers studied classical texts and focused on human potential and achievements.

Indulgence:A pardon for sins that was granted to a person who had sacifices and payment.

Protestant:Follows the principles of reformation.

Introduction to the Protestant Reformation: Setting the Stage (1 of 4)

People associated with the change

Martin Luther:He was protesting against the catholic church.

John Calvin:His institute of the christian religion summarized protestant teachings.

Elizabeth I(daughter of Henry VIII):She was the founder of the Anglican church.

How the change impacted the society

Martin Luthers" main teaching were main belief was that all people with faith were equal and troubleed by the catholic churches selling of indulgence and also saw it as false salvation and wrote the 95 theses which was a list of arguements against the practises of the church.He posted it on the church door in the town of wittenberg and welcomed debate of his ideas.In 1521,Luther was called before the diet worm,a meeting of church political leaders.the church demanded he takes back his teachings,but he refused and argued that the bible was thge only source of salvation and encouraged christians to interperate the bible themselves.

John Calvin had his own belief which affected the protestant reformation,even though he was insired by Marting luther he didn"t agree with all his teachings so he made up his own religion called the Calvinism.He believes that God decides if a person was going to heaven or hell at birth.

Elizabeth I settled religious questions by establishing the church of England (Anglican) as the official religion with herself as supreme governor.She was a protestant ,but a morderate one.She disliked the extremism of catholicism,but she disliked the puritans even more.

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