Leonardo Da Vinci

and why he is a hipster

this is leonardo da vinci's IQ compared to others

Leonardo da Vinci- Universal GeniusItaly- 220

Albert Einstein- Physicist -USA -160
Martin Luther -Theorist- Germany -170

Definition of a hipster

Definitions are too mainstream.

Hipster's can't be defined because then they'd fit in a category, and thus be too mainstream.

(mainstream = what everyone else is doing)

mainstream + leonardo da vinci = WRONG

Why is he a hipster?

because he thought of everything and came up with ideas of inventions way beyond his time.

in this presentation i'm going to show you some of those ideas.

The first picture is a design for a newer looking boat.

The second and third picture is the design for 2 different flying machines.

You can kind of see a pattern by now and realize he was obsessed with the idea of flying which was un heard of at that time.

He also had a passion to improve warfare products.

Big image
This is his idea of a parachute.