Racial Discrimination In Africa

By Taylor and Nick

Addressing the problem

"The term "racism" is often used in a loose and unreflective way to desribe the negtive feelings of one ethnic group or another and the actions resulting from such attitudes" (Fredrickson). People are discriminated against because of differences. These differences include skin color, different life style, and traits influenced by natural selection."Racist ideology is sometimes manifested openly, in insults, malicious jokes, acts of hatred, inequality. Nevertheless, in many cases, it is deeply rooted in values, beliefs and stereotypical attitudes" (http://www.ensemble-rd.com).

Causes of Racism

We are not sure the exact cause of racism. Racism could be caused by a variety of things, from socioeconmic status to physical apperance. Some people may be discriminated against because they are a minority."Humans naturally seek to protect their own kind, which means they fear for any loss of what makes them who they are; it can be anything including our jobs, status, territory, possessions, personal significance and even our own identity. Humans fear being replaced by anyone who is seen as more appealing and desirable than what they are. When someone is replaced by a person who is better than what they are which makes them feel unworthy."(http://catholicismandracism.weebly.com/). Fear is a big contributor to racism, it causes them to see the differences between the person and the loss itself, making it a threatening topic.

Effects of Racial Discrimination

"There is support that there is a realtionship between discrimination and a person's mental and physical well-being might be meditated by how a person's copes with discrimination and how thise experinces of discrimination impact a person's slef-concept"(www.rcgd.irs.umich.edu). Dealing with discrimination can be difficult but it needs to be done to insure the security of the beliefs of all races.


Solutions to racial discrimination can include breaking down barriers of racism by communication and interaction, creating more open and welcoming communities, and making greater efforts to build racial justice and leadership skills. A solution to racial discrimination can be just making a change. If there was more communication between various races it would lead to more interaction and less discriminiating. If the communities were more welcoming it would make for better communitcation between them and they would all interact more.


Racial discrimination is a big conflict that effects many people mentally, socially, and physically. Racial issues in Africa have lead to separtion of races. The whites and blacks would not associate with each other, due to the discrimination. These people are effected mentally because it hurts them emotionally. They are effected socailly because of their limited communication with each other. Physically becausethat mediates with how a person copes with it. Racial discrimination is a countinous issues throughout Africa today.

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