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Parent Newsletter August 31, 2020

Principal's Message

On Tuesday, September 8th our campus will begin on campus learning and continue with remote learning. Our district has provided us with guidelines to follow in determining which students will return in each of the three phases listed below. Please note if you have more than one child who attends our campus there may be a possibility that your children will not report to school for on campus learning at the same time.

Phase 1 September 8th:

25% of students whose parent/guardian elected for on campus learning.

Phase 2 September 21st:

50% of students whose parent/guardian elected for on campus learning.

Phase 3 October 5th:

100% of students whose parent/guardian elected for on campus learning.

Today and tomorrow we will be contacting parents/guardians of Phase 1 students who will be allowed to return to Los Encinos Elementary for on campus learning beginning September 8th. We will be placing a notice to these parents/guardians with information in regards to Phase 1 procedures for our campus in the U.S. mail by tomorrow.

If your child will return to campus during Phase 2 or Phase 3 our office will contact you this week and you will receive a notice in the U.S. mail as well. Your notice will give you basic information about your child returning to school, but will not contain campus procedures in regards to arrival/dismissal and other items. We will provide you with this information the week of September 14th.

If you originally elected for your child to continue with online learning, but have since then changed your mind you may contact our office to let us know. We will make the change for you in our computer system. Once this change is made we will send you a notice that your child will be able to begin on campus learning on Monday, October 5th.

We are looking forward to this new phase of learning with on campus and online learners. Please be assured we are doing everything possible to follow all safety protocols to make sure our staff and students are safe while on campus. Please feel free to contact our office at 361-215-6722 if you have any questions.

PTA and Open House

Please save the date for our upcoming PTA and Open House. Zoom links will be provided via Canvas and School Messenger on or before Tuesday, September 8th. We hope you can join us!

Wednesday, September 9th PK-2nd Grade

PK: 5:00 p.m.

Kinder: 5:30 p.m.

1st: 6:00 p.m.

2nd: 6:30 p.m.

September 10th: 3rd-5th Grade

3rd: 5:30 p.m.

4th: 6:00 p.m.

5th: 6:30 p.m.

Zoom Independence Tips

We realize many of our students still need guidance on using their device and Canvas. With time, there will be a need for parents/guardians to give their child their opportunity to do this more and more independently. Please read through these helpful tips to help your child participate in their learning on their own.

* Help and let them soar: It’s okay to keep an eye and ear on your child’s learning, but please do not sit right next to them. After you’ve helped them log in (if they need help), let them fly solo (just like any other school day).

* For younger students Grades PK-2: Set up a home “classroom” in an area where you can make sure everything is okay and be available for technology assistance, but let them learn on their own as best as possible.

* For older students Grades 3-5: Let them have some privacy. They should be able to participate on their own and be responsible for their learning. Check in on them if needed, but relax, they can do this!

* Practice: Take some time to practice logging in to Zoom so students can learn to do it on their own. Our teachers are making it easy by providing links. It might be helpful to provide a step-by-step guide with photos for younger learners. Once you have practiced have them walk through it as if they were teaching someone else to use Zoom.

* Provide Feedback: Have students do work on their own, when they are done provide them with feedback. Do not make it all about the grade, this can overwhelm some students. Ask them open-ended questions like: What made this difficult for you? What do you need to help you with this subject/work? What do you think you did really well/good?

* Affirm: Make sure to affirm your student. Show them that you notice how hard they are working and how dedicated they are to their learning. It can be something small like “Good job!” or “I noticed how focused you were when you were doing your math work and I am very proud of you for that”. These affirmations can make a world of difference when trying to get students to be more independent.

Children are resilient! They learn quickly when it comes to using technology.

Parent/Guardian Assistance Request

Do you need assistance with learning how to use Canvas, updating registration information, updating your email or have general questions for our campus? Please click on this link, fill out the form, and someone from our campus will contact you. We are here to help you in any way we can.


How Does Your Child Get Counted Present for Virtual Learning?

Please note the following ways your child is able to be counted present for each school day.

*Participate in live Zoom sessions with the classroom teacher each day.

*Log into Canvas and complete at least one task assigned by 11:59 p.m. each school day. All other tasks must be completed by Friday at 11:59 p.m.

*Send pictures of completed assignments to teacher via email/text.

*Teacher speaks with child on the phone about what is being taught.

*Dropping off completed assignments in the bin at the front of the school. Please make sure of the following: place assignments in a plastic bag/Ziploc bag, write your child's name and grade level on it.

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Stay Connected

As our campus remains closed to the public please make sure of the following:

Like our campus Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/losencinosses

Read Canvas emails from teachers and our campus

Read School Messenger emails from our campus

Answer School Messenger calls from our campus

We will provide up to date information and we want to make sure you stay connected with our campus and most importantly your child's teacher.

Important Dates to Remember

Sept. 7th: Labor Day Holiday No School

Sept. 8th: Phase 1 On Campus Learning Begins for Qualifying Students

Sept. 9th: PTA and Open House PK-2nd Grade

Sept. 10th: PTA and Open House 3rd-5th Grade

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