January 7, 2014

What's Happening in 4th Grade!


Students are learning to identify angles as we continue our geometry unit in math. We know that right angles measure 90˚. Today students used the terms acute, to describe angles smaller than 90˚, and obtuse to describe angles larger than 90˚. Look around your homes and neighborhoods for acute, obtuse, and right angles!

Canoeing Across Virginia

Fourth graders did a fantastic job during our museum! As students reflected on the experience, they realized the importance of planning and organization, differentiating for the different ages of our audiences, and how challenging it can be to engage listeners. Their knowledge and presentations were impressive. Way to go! Take a look at our pictures from the event.

Important Dates:

January 9 - Fourth Grade midyear reading assessment

January 16 & 17 - Half-days for students. Dismissal will be at 11:25 a.m. on both of those days. Students will be able to purchase bag lunches from the cafeteria on these days.

January 20 - Martin Luther King Holiday

January 21 - Teacher workday

January 23 - Fourth Grade midyear math assessment