Home Descriptions and Character

By: Gretta Hotz

What Does Your House Say About You?

Why Would a Room Reveal Character?

-Private Area

-Raw emotions

-Traces are left

-Preferences are apparent

-Layout/décor is a personal choice


-Raskolnikov provides all descriptions

-He has preconceived notions of the people living there

-Objective analysis will be limited, but worth the endeavor

-His descriptions of other people's homes could reveal his own character traits.


Discussion Questions

1. Was Katerina's apartment a foil to Sonya's character?

2. What significance does the color yellow play in descriptions throughout the novel?

3. Why did Alyona's door bell sound more like tin than copper?

4. Did apartment descriptions reveal anything more than character traits?

5. Is the layout of furniture in an apartment significant?

6. Does a person's physical appearance bring about different conclusions than the physical appearance of his or her home?