Classroom News

Mrs. Embretson, September 25

Week at a glance...

Reading: We learned that sometimes we read books to learn new information. I read fiction and non-fiction stories about apples. We created a chart to show all the things we already knew and the new things we learned about apples.

Writing: Throughout the week we worked with our "I like..." chart. Each student helped me finish the sentence as I wrote the words. We noticed that letters of a word go close together and there are spaces between words. We also learned to point to our words as we read. Yesterday, we cut apart the words of our sentences and glued them back together. We drew pictures to match our sentences and compiled the pages into a class book about our favorite colors. I can't wait for you to see our class books when you visit during parent/teacher conferences.

Math: The main focus this week was noticing the 5-group in numbers 6-10. We also practiced matching sets to a number and acting out adding and subtracting stories.

Social Studies/Science/Health: We continued to learn about being a scientist this week. Scientists use their five senses and special tools to help them learn about things. Ask your child how we used our 5 senses and tools this week.

Snack Helpers, Sept. 21-25







Our building attendance goal is 96%. Our class had 95.12% attendance this week. As cold and flu season approaches, please help us reach our goal by helping your child eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, and minimize appointments during school hours. However, please keep your child at home when they are ill. Thank you :)


Mid-Quarter Reports--I sent these home today along with a short note and a copy of the grade card. Don't forget to check into Class Messenger to choose a time for parent/teacher conferences in October.

Save the Date! We will be going on a field trip to The Pickin' Patch in Marionville on Friday, October 9, 9:00-12:00. The school will cover the cost of the students, which includes a small pumpkin. Parents are welcome to join us for a $3 fee. This will cover the cost of your hay ride, but not a pumpkin. A note will come home soon with more details.

Caps for Care to Learn--Students who bring in $.50 will be able to wear a hat to school on Fridays. Thank you for helping us support Care to Learn.

ABC Chart and Path of Movement-- Click on my "Class Web Page" link above to find a video on how to use the chart with your child.

Box Tops--Each class has a goal to collect 1,000 Box Tops by February 25. This helps us earn money to spend on classroom supplies. 1,000 Box Tops=$100 dollars!

Peach Jar--Don't forget to check out the link above to see information from our school and the community.