Blood Spatter Analyst

Clancy Nee

Job Description

  • Studies and analyzes blood left behind at a crime scene
  • Examines the blood to figure out the: location of the attack, type of weapon used, the movements of the perpetrator and victim while the fight was happening, how many wounds the person received

Working Conditions

Blood Spatter Analysts are usually:
  • Responding to a crime scene
  • Photographing and collecting evidence
  • Working with blood in a lab
  • In an office writing reports
  • Testifying in court

Training/Education Requirements

Most blood spatter analysts need at least a bachelors degree in either criminal justice or forensic science. Some analysts have an associates degree plus two years of job-related experience. Once they are hired, they continue to go to classes or lectures throughout their careers.

Personal Characteristics

Blood Spatter Analysts must be:
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Observant
  • Patient

Earnings & Job Outlook

  • Median Salary: $52,840
  • Jobs are usually needed in bigger cities
  • Experience in the forensic science field is usually needed before becoming a blood spatter analyst