Gregor Mendel Project



Gregor Mendel played a major part in the genetic field. Some of his findings are still used today. Mendel coined the terms "Dominant" and "Recessive" to explain the results of this Pea Study. This study first explained the inheritance of traits.

Early Years

In his early years, Mendel went to a school for gifted children. He earned top marks in science and math. He also had some struggles as a child. He tutored other students to pay for his schooling. He was going to be a teacher but couldn't pass the teaching exam. Mendel then decided to follow a career in genetics.

Experimental Design

"Definition of experimental design. : a method of research in the social sciences (such as sociology or psychology) in which a controlled experimental factor is subjected to special treatment for purposes of comparison with a factor kept constant."


When he crossed plants that always produced yellow peas with plants that always had green peas, all the new plants had yellow seeds.


Scientists Reactions:

They didn’t know how to react. They had never seen anything like it.


People know how different recessive genes and dominant genes work.


Dominant -

Definition: Gene that shows up

Example: The brown eye color is the dominant gene.

Recessive -

Definition: gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene.

Example: A blue eyed father and brown eyed mother. Father's eye color is recessive.

Codominant -

Definition: gene that is neither dominant or recessive (Both would show up)

Example: A blue eyed father and blue eyed mother. Their blue eye color is Codominant.