Washington State Assessments

Spring 2023


Thank you for taking the time to read through and view our spring update pertaining to the upcoming 2023 Washington State Assessments. Our intention in producing this update is to provide information that you can read and/or have available as you need it across the coming weeks.

Below is an overview video, specific to our school, followed by information in a question/answer format. Additionally, far below is an earphones survey should your child want to utilize their own headphones during these state assessments.

As you have time, please take a moment to watch the video and review the below information. Should you have any questions pertaining to your child and these assessments, please contact any member of our Monroe team.

Thank you again for your partnership and support in working together to support our third, fourth, and fifth graders during this year's spring assessment window. Your time and collaboration is sincerely appreciated.

MOE State Assessment Preview 2023

When are these assessments scheduled to occur?

Technically, the state's assessment window is open now. For our Monroe students, assessments will begin on Tuesday, May 2nd. For predictability purposes (and to help our team appropriately schedule support services), grade levels will test on their designated day of the week. The only exception to this schedule is our fifth grader's participation in the state's science exam which is noted below.

  • Fifth grade will test on Tuesdays: 5/2, 5/9, 5/12 (science), 5/16, 5/23
  • Fourth grade will test on Wednesdays: 5/3, 5/10, 5/17, 5/24
  • Third grade will test on Thursdays: 5/4, 5/11, 5/18, 5/25

Below is a complete schedule of dates and subject-specific assessments by grade level. Please note that Mrs. Walkley's multiage class will take their exams on Wednesdays, with the exception of her fifth graders participation in the state's science exam on Friday, 5/12. Likewise, Mrs. Mhoon's multiage class will test on a variety of weekdays based on individual student needs. Please contact Mrs. Mhoon for student specific questions.

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How long are these assessments?

Below is a graphic with anticipated test durations listed by assessment. However, please note there is no end-time or maximum time for any of these exams. Rather, students will have as much time as they need to successfully complete each test.

On testing days, we anticipate starting our assessments between 9:15am and 9:30am. Breaks are structured throughout each assessment, and should any student need extended time, they will be provided with time, space, and support.

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What do these assessments mean for my child?

As noted in the above video, our only ask for our Eagles is that they give their best effort. State assessments can be viewed in isolation, but we believe that is inappropriate and limited in scope and context. Data from these assessments should be viewed in concert with other inputs from this 2022/2023 school year including results from classroom assignments, classroom assessments, semester grades, iReady results, and other valid data points. Viewed in a comprehensive manner, these inputs form a composite picture of each student's academic strengths and needs. As such, our team will emphasize the importance of "doing your best" while seeking to negate fear and an abundance of stress.

Earphones for Use

As you may know, we utilize Chromebook devices for all of our computer-based exams. As we prepare for the coming testing season, one area of preparation includes ensuring that our students have all of the proper technology and tools. One resource that all of our Eagles will need are headphones.

If your child has a preferred, comfortable set of headphones, they may use these during the state exams. If so, please send these to school with your child as soon as possible so that we can begin incorporating these into our instructional environment. Please note that headphones only need to have an audio plug (pictured below) as these cannot connect via Bluetooth, USB, or a different connection.

Otherwise, please know that we will provide needed headphones.

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