Slave Trade

By: Chloe Mcintosh

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Being Captured

Africans were captured by other Africans for goods from the Europeans, these Africans that captured others was known as "African Dealers". Ten to twelve million Africans were taken from their homes and shipped to Americas. After being captured the Africans was shackled and handcuffed together to board the ships. The space that was granted was 4 sq feet or less in these ships. This lead to almost 15% of Africans to die during the journey. If the Slave was granted with a larger ship, there "value" would be increased. Who ever survived the trip was then being brought to be bought and sold.


5% of Africans ended up in North America, 48% in the Caribbean, and 41% in Brazil. When the Africans arrived they were bought and sold in auctions much like cattle to the highest bidder. Depending by the buyer the slaves could be as much as branded to claim the ownership of person who purchased the Africans. In America they would attempt to breed the Africans much like animals. This attempt was so they could import less, and have more slaves. On certain plantations the slaves would be forced to work up to 48 hours without, rest. The life expedience in the Caribbean for a slave was to age 23. The life of an African slave was beyond crucial.

Life on the Plantation

Family's were torn apart, and left broken for the thought of never seeing a loved one again. Selected few women would be granted to housework, or watching after the “masters" children. This was considered a great, for African women slaves if granted the opportunity. Men slaves on the other hand almost was always was put to hard labor work. In many cases, the owner of the slaves would take advantage of the African women, cheating on there wives. They also forced the slaves, to have children with one another so they could either sell, or have more slaves on the plantation.


Very few Africans attempted the escape, for the chances of being caught was almost always. The consequences was crucial. Whips, and other weapons was used to discipline slaves when acted out, against the "owners." If a slave was caught running away it was considered a felony. When captured, they were brutally beat or if worse killed in the most painful way. The slave owners, would gather all the Africans to watch the killing, or brutal beating occur. It was a scare tactic, to show lessons for what happens when you disobey or brake a rule. If and when slaves died the slave owner would command other slaves to burn or get rid of the body. The chances of escape, was like there was none.