Character Education Newsletter

September/October Character Trait: Responsibility

Welcome back Cardinals and Cardinal Families

Greetings! I hope everyone had a fantastic summer enjoying the sun and cool water! As we are settling back into the routine for school again I wanted to make you aware that I will be in the classrooms once again for Character Education Lessons. We will be working on Responsibility and understanding what it means to be responsible and how to show responsibility in the classroom and in the community. I look forward to an amazing school year with your son/daughter!

Students-How Do You Plan to Be Responsible This Year?

Attention Parents- You can help your child show responsibility by doing the following:

* Praise them- Kids love to help. They want to help. To them, chores don't feel like work. Keep up positive vibes by offering specific praises for actions. "You hung your coat on the hook and I'm proud of you!" Or, "Thank you for emptying the garbage in your room!" Children will develop a sense of ownership for any repeated actions. And this constant communication helps them take initiative in other situations, says Dr. Barzvi, such as at school or on a play date.

* Manage your Expectations- When you ask a five-year old to make her/his bed, it may still be lopsided. Don't criticize. Recognize a job well done. The next time you make your own bed, show her/him how you do it.

Ashley LaVine-K12 School Counselor

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